Ten Things a Real Estate Professional Can Do in a “Down” Economy: #10

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#10  Take Photos of Your Marketplace (last in a series)

People love pictures!  As children seeking a good story, we favored books with lots of pictures illustrating the story.  As adults seeking a new home, we favor listings with lots of photos.

When considering moving to a new community, consumers also seek pictures.  Oh, they will read the Chamber of Commerce descriptions and statistics, but it is the photos that will engage their interest in the community.

Similarly, consumers will be more inclined to select a real estate agent who really knows the community.  How will they determine that?  Based on the stories and photos on your website or in your blog.

Your website should have a special page devoted to each community in your marketplace.  Showcase your marketplace through a narrated virtual tour, or add photos to a map of the community.  Include links to the municipal website, the historical society’s website, the local Chamber of Commerce, and the school board.

In subsequent articles / blog posts,

  • feature the information and resources to be found at the municipal center
  • provide a tour of the educational facilities – public and private elementary and secondary schools, colleges, and training centers
  • illustrate the variety of recreational facilities available
  • focus on the business centers that serve the community
  • highlight the medical centers and hospitals in the area
  • do special features on nearby historical sites,
  • and illustrate the many benefits of living in the community.

Be sure that you include appropriate tags in your posts.  Always include the community name and your own name, so that the stories are indexed by Google and other search engines.

You will soon become known as a community expert, and will attract a lot of visitors to your website.  And, you will have a lot of fun doing this!

P.S. As you’re setting up your website, do the same thing with a Facebook fan page for each community!

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